Laberinto Logico


Solve complicated puzzles and compete online.


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Logical Labyrinth is a great game for those who enjoy testing their own intelligence, patience, and ability to solve puzzles.

The object of the game is at the same time simple and very complicated. In an intricate and obstacle-filled labyrinth that gets more difficult as you progress through the levels, you have to collect keys to open the doors that give way to the target. Easy, right? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Aesthetically pleasing, Logical Labyrinth comes with 168 levels of difficulty divided into multiple areas where trials of similar difficulty will take place.

To make the game more attractive, Logical Labyrinth is designed to be a constant competition. At all times, your scores will be uploaded and stored on the author's servers, which certainly increases the level of addiction that ever good test of intelligence like this generates.

Requires free registration from within the program once it is installed.

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